Victorian Sphynx ☽   

Purrfection is Hairless

We are currently expecting sometime in the near future a selection of Sphynx Kittens available for reservation.

Click the button below to pay the $100 deposit to be added to the list of deposit holders.

Future Litters Planned

Bubba / Alba --- Late Fall 2020
Freddi / Bianca --- Late Fall 2020
Gypsy / Freddi --- Winter 2020 / Early 2021
Fiona / Freddi --- Winter 2020/ Early 2021

(if you would like to pay $100 non-refundable deposit to be added to the waiting list just click the buy now button below. The $100 will go towards your final purchase amount. Once I get to your name on the list I will contact you when its your turn to choose from the newest little ones. If you want to reserve a kitten at that time then you will be required to send a $400 NON-refundable deposit to reserve your kitten. No other payments will be due until kitten is ready to leave at 12 weeks)

Please make sure you understand why deposits are non-refundable. All deposits are used for providing excellent quality food, sanitation products, toys, vaccines and new blankets while your kitten grows during its 3 month time here before they are able to leave. If you decide once the kitten is ready to leave that you cannot purchase your kitten the $500 will NOT be refunded as I have already put the money towards the care of your kitten.
** Please email me after you send the deposit so I can make sure I received it and will update the website **

~ The Waiting List ~

Cindy U. in Illinois

Morgan G. in Illinois

Shyanne R. in West Virginia

Amber A. in Ohio (wants a boy)

Megan G. in Missouri

Alejandra M. in Wisconsin (wants a boy)

~ Odd Eye Waiting List ~

Cindy U. in Illinois

Amanda Z. in Illinois

Amber A. in Ohio