Victorian Sphynx ☽   

Purrfection is Hairless

Buyers Name: _____________________________

Address: _________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________



Breed: Sphynx_________Purchase Price: ____________

Color: __________________Delivery Cost: ___________

Sex: ______________Date of Birth: _________________

Sire: ______________________________

Dam: ______________________________

BREEDER: __________________________


This contract must be received back and signed by 2 weeks of sent date of:________and DUE date: ___________ If Victorian Sphynx Fails to receive signed contract by purchaser by given due date the sale of your kitten will be canceled without refund of deposit.

 _________ (Initial)

 2) The purchaser agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of $__________ to reserve kitten of choice. Purchaser then agrees to pay the full remaining balance of $___________by the time the kitten is 12 weeks of age on ___________ OR by the date the signed contract is due if purchased kitten/cat is older than 12 weeks. If purchaser fails to pay remaining balance on specified date Victorian Sphynx has the right to charge $50.00 per additional week balance is not paid or cancel the sale without refund of deposit or of additional payments received.

________ (Initial) if for any reason you cannot retain ownership of said animal, breeder shall be given the right of first refusal. ________ (Initial) This cat/kitten is purchased for Pet_______ Breeding_______ Show________. ________ (Initial)

5) Breeders are sold with rights and no guarantee they will produce. It is understood that no sphynx is totally hairless and can grow some hair as they age. ________ (Initial)


6) If this cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, purchaser will surrender said cat/kitten unconditionally to Victorian Sphynx.________ (Initial) Payments: If the buyer, having put a deposit on a cat/kitten, should later change their mind about the purchase, the deposit will not be refunded. The buyer will have the option of purchasing a kitten at a later time, within a 12 month period, where the deposit will be applied in addition to the new reserving deposit if seller agrees to personal situation. ________ (Initial) The Seller provides a 72 hour limited warranty guarantee that the above kitten/cat is in good health at the time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer to take the kitten/cat to a veterinarian within this time for a thorough examination. If kitten/cat is not vet checked within 72 hours of going to its new home, this contract will become invalid and Buyer will be considered in breach of contract. Buyer agrees to keep kitten/cat quarantined for a period of 7 days from other cats or kittens. If kitten/cat has not been kept quarantined, warranty is void. If found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, this must be reported to the Seller immediately. A signed statement from a licensed veterinarian as well as copies of any and all supporting diagnosis and/or documents is required to qualify for any exchange. If an untreatable or life-threatening problem is found, the Buyer has the choice to return the animal for are placement with all returning and receiving of replacement fee's being paid by buyer. Upon its return, it will be replaced with a kitten/cat of equal value. If no replacement kitten/cat is available at the time of return, the Seller will have one year to furnish comparable kitten/cat. Transportation and all veterinary costs are the responsibility of the Buyer. The Seller retains the right to have a second opinion of a Vet of their choice. If after reporting any adverse conditions; the Buyer may choose to keep the kitten/cat thereby assuming all financial responsibilities. This health guarantee applies only to actual medical conditions that are life threatening and will not include any cosmetic conditions or conditions that are considered to be normal to the Sphynx. After the 72 hour health guarantee period the seller cannot be held accountable for future diagnosis of FeLV/FIV/FIP, any bacterial or viral infectious disease, parasites or fungus; due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. Buyer accepts all responsibility for protection of cat from said diseases, illnesses, parasites and fungi. ________ (Initial) Victorian Sphynx offers a guarantee/protection against Hereditary/Congenital HCM on the kitten's first 1 year of life. If, your kitten is diagnosed with HCM we will not refund you the cost of your cat/kitten but will replace your cat/kitten of similar type and quality when one is such available with buyer paying cost of delivery and /or shipment of replacement. HCM must be diagnosed with Ultrasound of approved veterinarian with a specialty is cardiology.

Photographic and/or Microchip proof must be given that specific cat/kitten is indeed the diagnosed cat/kitten. If diagnosed kitten/cat was purchased for breeding proof of spay/neuter must be provided prior to sending/receiving replacement kitten.________(Initial) All kittens will have received at least their 1st vaccination prior to leaving our home. As the buyer, you agree to not have your kitten re vaccinated for at least 3 weeks after the date of the prior vaccination. If your kitten suddenly falls ill and you had your kitten vaccinated within the 3 weeks date we will not be held responsible for the illness of your kitten. ________ (Initial) If this cat/kitten is purchased as a PET and not spayed/neutered by 6 months of age the buyer agrees to pay the seller the price charged for breeding rights at $3,500.00 for Sphynx. If seller does not have spay/neuter certificates in hand after 6 months of age on ___________, or breeding rights are not purchased, the contract is then turned over to our attorney and buyer agrees to pay all fees incurred by Victorian’s Cattery. ________ (Initial) As the seller, we have the right to refuse and/or cancel sale at any given time, or reason, as we see fit. ________ (Initial) Seller reserves the right to repossess said kitten/cat in the event of failure or refusal of the Buyer to comply with the terms of this Agreement with all repossessing fee's being paid by buyer. In addition, breach of contract penalty is $600 per item, PLUS $2,500.00 in punitive damages. Buyer will be liable for any court costs and related charges, including attorney’s fees, associated with Seller enforcing the terms of this contract. This legally binding contract is the exclusive agreement between the Buyer and Sellers and supersedes any and all prior oral or written agreements, negotiations or other dealings between them concerning the purchase and sale of the kitten/cat. ________ (Initial) If picking up your kitten/cat in person Signature below and Initial here states you received said kitten/cat _______ (Initial) PURCHASERS SIGNATURE INDICATES FULL AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTANDING OF ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS PURCHASE CONTRACT. THIS DOCUMENT IS A LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT.

Buyers Signature __________________________ Date__________

Sellers Signature___________________________ Date__________

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