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About Us

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About US and our amazing Sphynx!!

Hello, My name is Natalie,

The Certified TICA registered Pure Bred Owner and Breeder at

Victorian Sphynx!!


I have been raising hairless pets for 20 years!! I was the TOP breeder of Hairless Guinea pigs in the country but decided my love for Sphynx was too strong. I started raising sphynx in 2017 and my love for the breed grew even stronger!!

I take pride in my cats and make sure they are tested every way possible to give my kittens the best chance for long happy lives! As you may be able to tell from looking around I LOVE calicos and cow babies so if your looking for those specific colors i usually tend to have many of those.

I can assure you that I do my absolute best to make sure you are getting an excellent quality kitten!!


We are located the beautiful small town of Red Bud, Illinois!


For privacy reasons we do not share our exact address unless your coming to pick up your kitten :)

We will drive up to 2 hours from Red Bud for a $75 fee. We also have a transporter than we use than can deliver your kitten ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES!!


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