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Sphynx Pricing

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Here at Victorian Sphynx we make it easy for your dreams to come true!!! It was my dream to own my very own hairless cat and I want to make it easy on you also!


Sphynx Kittens can range from $1800 - $4500 depending on body color, eye color, type and personality.

Elf Sphynx Kittens can range from $3000-$5000 depending again body color, eye color, type and personality.

This is how we make it easy to get the kitten of your dreams!!

  • We only require $200 to be added to our list which goes towards the kitten's price :)

  • Once you choose your kitten we only require $300 to reserve which also goes towards your kittens price :) Which usually at that point your kitten is only probably about 4-6 weeks old so LOTS of time to grow!

  • Kittens will not leave our cattery until they are at least 12 weeks old minimum but normally they are about 14-16 weeks old when they actually can go home! That means you have at least 2 months to send weekly, bi-weekly or however you want to PAYMENTS over time until you pick up your kitten!

  • Of course your welcome to pay in full at pick up as well but we want to make it as easy as possible to make your dreams come true!!

What's Included?

Our kittens receive the best while they are here!

Once they can leave this is what you will have for your kitten :)

  • TICA Registration Paperwork

  • 3 Sets of Vaccines

  • Dewormed Multiple Times

  • Micro-chipped

  • Spayed or neutered before leaving

  • 30 day Free Trupanion Insurance

  • Health Contract

  • 1 Year Health Guarantee

  • Sample of kitten food

  • Special Goodie Bag with toys and extras!

Breeding rights are available for an additional $1000 to already established TICA Breeders ONLY.

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We accept these forms of payment

  • Venmo (as a friend)

  • Paypal (as a friend) or click the buy now button below which will charge 4% fee.

  • Cash

  • Money Order

  • Credit or Debit card with a 4% fee added

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