Victorian Sphynx ☽   

Purrfection is Hairless

🌙 Victorian Sphynx Kittens Pricing for 2022 🌙

SPHYNX KITTENS: $2300 - $2500 (PET ONLY)

Calico Sphynx: $2500 - $2800 (PET ONLY)

Odd Eye White Sphynx: $2700 - $3000 (PET ONLY)

Odd Eye with Color Sphynx: $3800 - $5600 (PET ONLY)

🌙 Victorian Sphynx Elf Pricing 🌙

Elf pricing starts at $3500 (PET ONLY)

depending on color, sex, and eye color

pricing can range to upwards of $6500

*All kittens are sold as pets with no breeding rights unless you are a TICA registered breeder who has signed the voluntary code of ethics and are present on the TICA website. No Exceptions. Breeder price is an additional $1000.00.

Included in the price of your kitten is the following for 2022 Buyers

  • TICA Registration Paperwork
  • 2 Sets of vaccines 
  • Appropriate worming
  • 2 Year HCM and Congenital Health Guarantee 
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Proof of Negative FeLV and FIV
  • 30 days of free Pet Insurance from Trupanion
  • Goodie Bag with toys, sample of food, fleece blanket,  and special Victorian Sphynx kitty shirt :)

*All kittens are sold as pets with no breeding rights unless you are a registered TICA approved breeder and want to purchase the rights to breed .

>^..^<   Payment Details    >^..^<


We accept these types of payments:

  • Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, Credit, Debit, Cash at Pickup


Reservation Details:
A $100 non-refundable deposit is first required to be added to our waiting list.

Once a kitten is born and we have reached your name on the waiting list then you get to pick your new kitten. At that time a $400.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is
Required to Reserve a Pet Kitten in Your Name.

All deposits are applied to the price of your kitten.  Your balance will be due when your kitten is ready to go home at 12 weeks of age. 

 All Funds must clear prior to your kitten going home.

~ we do not expect any other payment until pick up or time to ship or pick up ~

There are SOOOO many scammers!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! We have experienced and been victims of scams ourselves. If you are researching purchasing a sphynx kitten please check TICA.ORG under the breeder listings. Those are true breeders.

Contact me about any questions :)
Natalie Howell